An employee of the Department of financial management and auditing Orlova Olga Petrovna was a delegate at the XIX world festival of youth and students in 2017!

An employee of the Department of FMA Orlova Olga Petrovna was a delegate at the XIX World festival of youth and students from St. Petersburg in the direction of "Economics for the future development." The festival presents 188 of delegations from various countries, the total number of participants was 25214 people. XIX World festival of youth and students has become a unique intercultural platform for exchange of experience, discussion of acute problems of today and building a model of the future. The festival has given the opportunity to participate in solving global problems, to communicate with Russian and international experts, to meet new friends from different continents and different regions of Russia. 
During the festival, participants were able to ask questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, to hear the welcoming words of Vladimir Putin, to know the direction of the development of science and education first Deputy Chairman of RF Government Igor Shuvalov ,to master-class by German Gref, to get some motivation from nick Vivica, watch the premieres of movies in the company of Russian artists, to meet legendary athletes Alina Kabaeva, Elena Isinbayeva and many others. The list of distinguished speakers at the world festival of youth and students in 2017 is long, but it's hard to Express all the knowledge and experiences obtained by the participants for 8 eventful days in Sochi.

"It's hard to convey in words the impression of the smiles of the people who create you one project in the framework of youth foresight, listening to a lecture of the Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin, playing the business game "Factory" in English, try to fly in the VR stimulator through the Kerch bridge, waiting for a turn to ask a question to Herman Gref, watch how to create a new Russian film and crying from happiness at the opening ceremony. World festival has revealed the main trends of development not only in economy, science, education, medicine, the environment, civic platform, etc., but above all highlighted the need for multilateral development of personality and the mechanisms for achieving competitiveness in a rapidly changing world. Nice to know that we - the youth are on the threshold of a technological revolution and the future depends on our key competencies: ability to obtain and analyze information, think systematically and outside the box, communicate!" - Orlova Olga Petrovna.

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